Sunday, July 30, 2006


(Click image to see enlarged view.)

I took the photography at a sporting goods store but changed the composition to a hardwood floor instead of the counter top of the store.
First I masked off all the stitching and laces. I couldn't really tell what the stitching would look like as the masking is a light yellow and doesn't show up well on white paper. I then mixed indigo and van dyke brown to create a black that I layered in gradually for the canvas shoes drying between each layer. I got a bit ahead of myself and removed the masking before a glob of black was dry and smeared it across some of the laces. I added some white paint, a no-no in transparent watercolor, to cover by gaff.
The ball was the problem area. I eventually scrubbed off some of the brighter orange I started with and decided to make the ball darker and older to blend into the background and thus highlight the shoes.
I like the shoes and the reflection of the shoes in the hardwood floor. The painting seems to really jump out at the viewer.