Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've had the idea for this painting for several months, but couldn't quite conceptualize the composition. I finally could see what things would look like and started two weeks ago. I sketched in the whole composition and then painted the car first. Layers of indigo and van dyke brown paint later I was satisfied with how it turned out and especially the front bumper and the headlight.

With the two geishas I wasn't quite as happy. I'm not sure why the figures and the car don't really mesh. Maybe the size is wrong on the geishas aren't quite three dimensional enough. But after working this over for two weeks I'm finished, or in this case, I've stopped painting.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite paintings, by Kawase Hasui, is a woodblock print from 1936 titled "The Great Gate" and is a picture of a woman in a blizzard in traditional garb with an umbrella, adjacent to a 1930's vintage car which is just passing through an old village gate. Very reminiscent of this painting by Tim!

kumar said...

your attention to detai is amazing.

here is my work: