Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Retired University of Oregon art professor Ken O'Connell introduced me to a waterbrush. The brush holds water in the handle and, when squeezed, drips into the brush hairs. This is terrific for including in a travel watercolor kit. I took the waterbrush, a pencil, pen, 8-10 watercolor pencils and a Moleskin sketch pad with me on our trip to LA during Thanksgiving. I drew the image, inked it, losely added some color with the pencils then used the brush to soften the colors and move them around. Here are some small sketches I did with the waterbrush:


John Salmon said...

It's difficult to control the water rate with the watercolour brush, however if you really do want superior control see the watercolour charger info on my blog. Like what you did though.