Thursday, November 20, 2008


(Click to see larger image)
24" x 18" on 140 lb. cold press paper

I created this painting as a commission for a colleague who will give it to her husband as a birthday present. I took about 20 pictures of the car in a shopping mall parking lot and then created the background separately. I wanted the background to add some color but not overwhelm the composition.

The challenge with this painting was how to create a painting when the subject was a silver/gray color. I mixed some indigo and van dyke brown with a bit of cerulean blue for the car color. It may not look like it, but I did about 6-8 layers of color on the darker parts of the car. Just when I thought I had enough color, I added some more. I added the yellow parking lines, and their reflection on the car, to include at least some color on the car. There is the Porsche hood ornament and logo on the wheels, but it still is a silver/gray car.

The other challenge were the headlights. There really isn't much content or contrast there with the exception of a few reflections.

My two favorite parts are the rear wheel area and the license plate.