Saturday, October 04, 2008


(click image to enlarge)
This painting is loosely based on a photo I took. The flowers below the irises in the photo were yellow freesia so I changed them to daises. I did the drawing for this painting in pencil then decided to add pen and ink. Once I got started with the painting process, I realized, because of the dark colors, that the pen and ink weren't really needed. I did about five or six layers for the blue of the irises. I initially intended to have the dark background fade to a lighter color as the eye moved to the upper-left; but the black background seemed to make all the flowers pop.


Anonymous said...

The angles of the daisies are really nice and the black background makes the whole painting stunning!!

Terry Banderas said...

Enjoyed your LA sketches. I like your nice use of color along with loose ink strokes.