Friday, May 23, 2008


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I had been looking at a photo of this car for some time and didn't quite know how to put it into context. Then, for some reason, it just popped into my head that it should be in a circus. I initially had thought of painting it smaller so I could show some carnival rides in the background; but the reflections and light on the car are critical to the painting and moved it forward and painted the tent behind it. The poster to the left is a variation on a real antique circus poster I saw on the Internet. I really like that clown's face. It is something about his mouth and eyes, but I guess that's true with every face.

I started with masking out the true whites on the car and then did a light blue wash over the whole thing. As I've done in the past to get the deep shine on the car, I did 4-5 layers of indigo and some lighter blues.

I really like how the car turned out and especially pleased with the nose of the hood. There are other parts (the top of the tent and the ground at the left) that I would do very differently if I were to do this one again. All in all, I like this one, but need to step away from it as after 12-15 hours of painting, I'm too familiar with the flaws.


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Wow Tim, fantastic work! Taking a ride with that clown seems a bit scary to me...(Kramer would be horrified, ha ha)!


Shannon said...

The circus setting is great, especially the vintage clown poster. Another great car painting!

krock said...

bj shannon and I are thrilled to have found you and your new adventure....what wonderful work you are doing!!! came across a picture of us all 17 years ago - amazing... Kathy Rock