Tuesday, August 21, 2007


(Click on image to enlarge)

I took a while to decide how to paint this image. The final decision was to crop the photo so as to emphasize the headlight and grill. The photo was taken on a cloudy day so I had to pump up the reflections on the chrome and the light off the car's body.

This painting took about 20 hours. I started one version and discarded it after about 3 hours of drawing and painting. I'm glad I did as I didn't like the color. The second one was cropped even tighter that the first and I changed the color from maroon to dark blue.

The photo had a reflection of a '55 Chevy on the side of the Hudson. I tried painting that, but it looked more like the Chevy was painted on the side of the car than it was a reflection.

I did up to 7 or 8 layers of indigo to get the dark reflective blue. The same was true in some places on the dark colors on the chrome. The darker I made them, as they contrasted with the bright white and light blue, the better it looked.