Thursday, April 05, 2007


(Click on image to see larger version)

I painted this picture for my brother's 60th birthday. He's an attorney and plays in a Beach Boys/Beatles cover band. I added some elements that he would recognize and appreciate like the license plate that was our grandfather's Idaho license plate number for over 50 years.

I started by masking off all the chrome and the pinstriping on the car and painted a light wash of blue-green. I then masked off the vents on the side of the car. I did 8-9 more layers of the blue-green building the intensity with each layer.

Next I painted the wood panels with a mix of red, yellow and raw sienna and adding some burnt sienna for the darker lines. Again I layered the colors with multiple washes to get the intensity right.

I then add the darks around the fenders, under and behind the headlights, under the car and around and in the wheels/tires. Finally I painted the foreground and background trying not to make things too prominent as to take away from the car.

I like the reflections on the car itself and the overall composition and I think Goofy liked it too.