Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning

I was thinking of things to paint while doing a crossword puzzle. Hmmm. What about a painting with a puzzle in it? Maybe if I put the pencil and my glasses in the picture. . . but that's not enough color. I consulted with Carolyn and she suggested a mug. The Hilo Hattie Gift Shop mug fit the bill!

I really like the composition. The glasses, however, didn't distort the images behind them enough so I exaggerated them a bit. The shadows and shadow sides of object receive multiple layers of paint to get them dark enough to show 3 dimension. I spent more time on this painting than just about any other. Drawing it was quick and easy, but I decided not to use anything but watercolors (no pencil or pen) in the painting so there was a lot of detail work with the lettering and lines. I over-worked a few areas, but in general I'm satisfied with this painting. The painting is 24" x 18" unframed or 30" x 24" framed.