Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Francisco Queen Anne

This San Francisco Queen Anne Victorian sits at the top of Pacific Heights in San Francisco. I brightened up the colors a bit from the original light beige to this brighter gold/yellow. I think If I were to paint this again, I would trace the image so to avoid the distortions I created when I drew the image. I think you have to either go pretty loose with these types of paintings or get it architecturally right. The windows on the second floor on the right side are on a curved wall which created some problems as well. I do like the decorative designs on the left part of the building (top and middle) and, in general, the depth the painting creates.


Terry Banderas said...

This turned out nice. An artist's dilemna--to trace or draw it cold. I draw all of mine without tracing. Many artists trace. But, there are times I wish I had traced to ensure better accuracy. If it's a commission I trace.

The color is fantastic on your painting.

Alex Zonis said...

Beautiful! Love the colors!

About accuracy: I used to trace for accuracy, but stopped when I realize that measuring the key distances gives me the precision I want and leaves the final painting more lively. Measuring also allows me change the dimensions of the reference when I want. With tracing it is not always possible.