Thursday, October 04, 2007


(Click image to see enlarged view)

I took a bunch of pictures at the Eugene Celebration car show last month. After reviewing the pictures I chose this one to paint. There wasn't a car reflecting in the hubcap. Since I was squatting down to take the picture I blocked what was behind me. So invented the car.

I traced the circles of the hubcap and wheel and then drew in the reflections. Because I painted one quadrant at a time, I was often confused as to which circles connected to which circle. There are some technical errors there but I like the overall composition.

I started with the sky reflection. I continued to layer it in until I had the color I wanted. At first it was too light. I did the same with the black, laying in 4-5 layers until it reached the intensity I needed.

I kept turning the painting as I painted keeping the section I was working on in the upper right-hand corner. Since I am left handed, this works best for me.

I tried to make the tire subtle enough not to distract but enough detail to identify it as a tire.

I like this one.


Ron Morrison said...

Very nice blog with excellent work throughout.