Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Shadows

(Click image to see enlarged view.)

I took a picture of a bicycle leaning against a bike rack when I was in Portland a few weeks ago. It was late in the day and the shadows were long and intense. When I did the drawing for the painting I cleaned things up and deleted the bike rack and other bikes and gave the bike a kickstand to support it. I added the leaves thinking the painting needed a splash of color, but I'm not really satisfied with them and not sure they were needed.

What I do like about the painting is the sense of light coming from the right highlighting the wheel rims and the metal components.

When I thought I was finished I hadn't added anything in the background. In the photo there were some plants and shadows. Instead I put in a darker wall and some tree shadows. Adding the background really gave the painting a good sense of depth.


Ron Morrison said...

Hi Tim, nice light play, like the sketches.

derek said...

Hey very nice! I was looking for bicycle art/paintings and ran across your site. Do you do commissions?

Tim Goss said...

I'd certainly consider a commission, but I'd want to have a choice of reference photos. Commissions can be tricky as not all photos lend themself to painting.

Let's talk!


giocka said...

I love this painting. The long shadows, the light... Contrary to what you think, I like the leaves, they really add something, although I'm no expert at explaining what exactly.