Thursday, April 19, 2007


We just returned from a quick trip to Hawaii. I took my compact watercolor paint kit that fits in a plastic ZipLoc bag. The kit includes a tin that holds three brushes, a pencil and a black pen; a Moleskin sketch book; a small towel; a used foil pouch that at one time held raisins but now I use to hold water; an empty Tylenol bottle for clean water; and a compact watercolor set that includes 24 colors but takes up only about 3 inches in width and less about 1.5 inches high. The circular disks each hold six watercolor tubs and there are four disks that twist altogether. Very clever design.

The kit allowed me to even paint on the plane. Although it was tight quarters, I managed to having everything handy.

I did some sketches from photographs I took and some that I found in publication. The one at the left was from an Hawaiian Airlines magazine.