Thursday, November 02, 2006


This painting is from a photograph taken by Bruce Fingerhood of his old red International truck. The backdrop is along the Willamette River near Springfield, OR.

I liked the serenity of the image and the reflection of the trees and sky on the windshield. There is a lot of light shining off the truck body even though it is an older vehicle. The truck really came to life for me when I painted the headlights. It gave the car a "face" and a personality.

I liked how the leaves are scattered in the foreground and the color of the foliage in the background, although I'm not enamored by the way I painted the trees. I think they could have been less distinct. I tried to blur the leaves a bit, but decided not to get too carried away. I have a couple more fall paintings to do so I can experiment with the leaves in those paintings.


John Salmon said...

Hi Tim, Nice blog looks like it's going to get a lot of traffic. No pun intended re your subject matter. I too am a member of WC and drop in from time to time.
Would it be OK to link to your blog from mine?

John Salmon said...

Hi Tim, I have updated my blog with info on the illuminated cycle helmet.