Saturday, September 16, 2006


(Reference photo at right, painting above... click painting to enlarge)
One of the things that I've learned is not to paint everything literally. By editing the subject matter of what I'm painting, whether it be live or a photo, I can improve the composition. An object doesn't necessarily need to be that shade of green or green at all nor does the object have to be in the painting. With this painting of a street in the Old Town District of Portland, Oregon, I made several modifications from the picture at the right. As you compare the picture to the painting below you can see I dropped out a lot of the extraneous detail around the bus stop, left out the cars in the background, deleted two pedestrians and added one of my own and painted only one set of street lights. I also moved the mural down to make the sky visible above the building.

I've tried to capture the light cascading in from the right with bright spots on the cable car and bus stand roof and with the shadows.

This is the first painting where I've been satisfied with the people I've painted in a scene.